17 Jul, 2024

Writing Tips: 6 Easy Ways To Keep Readers Engaged and Hooked On Your Story

How many times have you read a book that just made you go “wow”? The authors of those books have mastered ways to keep readers engaged. I am talking about books (or stories) that make you wow from the beginning until the end. It had you hooked in a way you can’t explain. That is […]

6 mins read

Six Award-Winning Writers Share Writing Tips, Personal Writing Philosophies and Stories About Rejection Letters

Six award-winning writers have gathered around the fire to discuss their writing philosophies. We’ll have the privilege of learning how these philosophies galvanize the exceptional works they write. Also, they will talk about memorable rejection letters, what they think of such letters and what has kept them going.    For me, I once got a […]

22 mins read

Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize—Apply (Awards: £175 )

The 2019 Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize is open. The editors are currently accepting and probably, reading entries for its ongoing free-to-enter contest. What Will The Winners Get? The overall first prize winner will receive a £100 cash prize First runner up will receive £50 cash award The second runner up will get a […]

1 min read

Writing Tips: How To Get Your Characters To Pause Effectively

rAs a writer, do you know how to get your characters to pause in your work? The use of the word ‘pause’ elicits a fingernails-on-a-chalkboard response from me. Why would such an innocent word spur such a visceral response? Because people never pause. A pause indicates to me that a character freezes in place. Read: […]

5 mins read