Ultimate List of 10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners
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Ultimate List of 10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Every writer and marketer can benefit from content writing tips like these, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

If you intent to start your own blog or to make money from content writing or content marketing, great content writing tips will help you to succeed.

If you’re a student who’s passionate about writing, you’ll find this helpful. And when you still have plenty of free time and a zeal to express yourself, a blog can become a creative hobby that will blossom into a serious career.

Let’s say you want to share your ideas with the public. Where do you go? Most often, young people choose social networks to bring their thoughts to the public. But this is clearly not the best option if you take your writing seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with posting on social media. It’s just the limits such services put on your creativity.

For me, a real writing experience has started with the creation of my blog. This is a place where I rule; this is a small private part of the colorful world I have in my mind. And you know what? Being a writer is easy.

Content Writing

Well, it is easier than most of us think. I’m sure, you, as many people around, are afraid to take those first steps and show our work to someone else, not to mention publishing it online where any stranger can read it. Besides, we all know that the Internet is full of negativity and criticism.

However, once you open up, you’ll be surprised how wonderful it is to get feedback from people and to discuss your thoughts with them. So, if you are really passionate about your future blog and have a goal set in your mind, I’ll share with you the content writing tips for beginners.

You can also find out the tricks I use and some unexpected places where I get my ideas from, my favorite being a student answer service. This is an awesome place to get new ideas and topics for discussion, more about that later.

Blogging Tips For Content Writing Beginners.

I’ve decided to organize writing ideas for you in a form of 10 easy tips that influence your content and a blog, in general.

Content Writing tips

Let’s start with the basic ones!

Keep your eyes and ears open

As a blogger, you’ll be expected to update often and that requires many topics to talk about. Initially, we all have a vague plan of the things we know and want to write about.

But when we ran out of ideas, it is essential not to give up and abandon our blog. I’ve had some experience with neglected blogs and can say that the main reason for giving it up is not believing.

Instead, even during those times when you have a few topics planned, pay close attention to what interests people. You may hear an interesting conversation or get a new topic from a post your friend has just retweeted. Pay attention to the outside world.

There are many places to get inspiration. One of the most surprising for me was an education Q&A website where I looked for help. You cannot even imagine how many interesting topics can be found there.

Talk to your readers to get content writing ideas.

Yes, we all have our own style and we are free to choose how to manage our blogs. But I’ve noticed that those bloggers who speak to their readers are more popular.

Academic writing may look professional and sophisticated but writing blogs is something completely different. It is hard to change the way you write and see a reader as your friend.

But once you try it, you will see the results. In my experience, getting closer to the audience is always rewarded with more comments.

Ask them a question if you want to hear an answer.

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The First Blog Post Matters

It’s not a secret that making a good first impression is essential for any sphere. Don’t you think that the first blog your readers see should present an accurate image of your content? I do.

That is why I recommend you to think carefully about the first thing that will be posted. Will it be an explanatory article about yourself and your purpose?

Will it be something entertaining to attract more readers? Or will it be something short and intriguing to make them follow you? This is all up to you. Just be sure to reward your readers with what you’ve promised.

You already know what to write about and are ready to post your work? Wait! There are a few more little content writing tips and tricks.

Headlines Attract Readers To Content.

What is the first thing that attracts the attention of the public? Headlines! The right title can work wonders for your blog traffic. Have you noticed that the most successful blogs have creative headlines?

Actually, this is a part of their success. I’ve seen it myself. You can write a good article on an interesting topic featuring some groundbreaking thoughts but don’t think about a good title.

And what happens? Nothing. No reviews, no comments, no feedback. You may think that the problem is the content topic but it turns out that nobody even reads it. This is why you should think well and find a catching title to make your text interesting.

Cite your sources

This is one of the best content writing tips you’ll ever hear. 

First of all, it is simply polite to give credit to others when you mention their thoughts and ideas. ‘

Writing jobs
Content Writing Ideas

You would like to get mentioned somewhere else as well. This is all hard work and stealing is the last thing to resort to.

Besides, your article looks more credible if you present the sources where people can check the information.

Understand WordPress basics

Among all other tools and services that allow you to create your own blog, I find WordPress the most effective. It has everything a young blogger needs.

Besides, you can easily use it for free and don’t feel the need to purchase any additional plugins and so on. You can find a blog post template that is really useful for beginners.

To use it like a pro, watch or read a few step-by-step tutorials on creating a WordPress blog. Write steps down and try them all to create your own blog.

To get the best out of WordPress, you need to use the Best Hosting, Plugins, and Themes. Make use of Black Friday WordPress Deals to get those tools at a low cost.

Be funny

A few jokes here and there will make your content more lively. A boring and dull text is interesting to nobody. The best bloggers are often funny or inspirational bloggers.

You may still write about serious and important stuff, but making it all light and “easy-going” will only increase your popularity. After all, there are enough boring bloggers out there.

Take this content writing tip literally. Don’t become one of them.

Make the content pieces as short as possible.

how to write a blog article

Very often, a short post you write during breakfast just before work is better than an elaborate explanation of all sides of an issue you can deliver on holiday.


A short article is more to the point and tells the whole story in a few sentences. Then, people may ask more if the idea intrigues them.

However, it is good to write something long and descriptive (as I’m doing here), keep your blog content diverse. High-quality content shouldn’t always be lengthy.

Be ready for criticism.

Sometimes, people are mean and we can do nothing about it. If you’re going to posting your works online, be ready to get a fair share of negativity.

It doesn’t mean that what you are doing is bad and you have to give up. Some people are just spiteful for the sake of it.

One of the best content writing tips to adhere to is this: develop a thick skin.

But take criticism as a push to improve. Think about it as a mean that keeps you moving forward and progressing. Do all you can to become the best content writer you can be

Just be yourself!

The last content writing tip for beginners is the most important.

Copying somebody, no matter how great they are, isn’t a way to success.

Inspiration is good, but you always have to add your own vision, style, and a part of who you are to those posts.

Ebook design

These content writing tips are especially important for writers who want to earn a real income from their blogs.

Of course, there are so many other things to think about while updating your blog. But most of them will come to you in time once you start writing your blog.

Each blogger finds their own path and the content writing tips that work for them. For me, these are the most important lessons I’ve learned since creating a blog of mine.

Wrap Up On Content Writing Tips For Beginners.

I hope that these few content writing tips for beginners will transform your work. And I hope you will experience the joy that comes with inspiring other people. This is something to start from.

One more bonus content writing tip to think about: concentrate on the topics and niches you are passionate about.

Find the time and work on your blog daily, you have to like doing it. Don’t write about something just because it’s trendy. Find the common interests with your audience and research those things that you like.

Then, your blog will never be neglected and working on it will bring you joy. Readers see when an author likes what he or she is doing. And they tend to stay with such bloggers for a long time.

Author Bio:

Elsa Wood is a student in the Department of Journalism at Illinois.

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