Saraba Magazine Releases New Fiction Supplement, “Let’s Talk About Something Else”

Oct 10, 2016by Miriam David1

Saraba Magazine is excited to announce a new and exciting release by Suzanne Ushie with the interesting title, ‘Let’s Talk About Something Else.’ Below is the press release;

Saraba Magazine is delighted to announce the release of Suzanne Ushie’s new short story titled

“Let’s Talk About Something Else”

“Let’s Talk About Something Else” is the compelling story of Uzilibe, a young woman who

walks away from a job everyone else thinks she should have held onto. In the process, she tests

the limits of a friendship, discovers the power of narrative, and perhaps finds herself.

Suzanne Ushie grew up in Calabar, Nigeria. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the

University of East Anglia, where she received the African Bursary for Creative Writing and

made a Distinction. Her short stories have appeared in Fiction Fix, Conte Online, The Writing

Disorder, Gambit: Newer African Writing and elsewhere. She is a 2016 Writer-in- Residence at

Ledig House.

The story is published as a prequel to the forthcoming Power Issue of Saraba Magazine.

“Let’s Talk About Something Else” is available in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB at N150. Every

purchase supports the work of Saraba Magazine.

To purchase “Let’s Talk About Something Else”, click here.

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