ReadWrite Strategies calls for Non-fiction Submissions/ How to Apply (Prize: $1000 + More)
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ReadWrite Strategies calls for Non-fiction Submissions/ How to Apply (Prize: $1000 + More)

ReadWrite Strategies calls for Non-fiction Submissions!

ReadWrite Strategies is looking for submissions that embraces the lighter side of the workplace!

In partnership with Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, FACHE, the organizers are collaborating on an anthology seeking humorous and genuine tales from the professional arena.

The current global climate, marked by the collective challenges of COVID and the return to office life, calls for stories that can evoke laughter, warmth, and connection.

The contest invites individuals to share their work-related comedic escapades, creating a space for reflection, relatability, and a hearty laugh.

Read Write Strategies

Eligibility for the ReadWrite Strategies Submission

  • The contest welcomes everyone to share their workplace humor, regardless of their professional background.
  • More so, true stories that are genuinely funny and centered around work experiences i.e NONFICTION.
  • Also, submissions should ideally be between 150 and 1200 words, with flexibility for shorter entries.

Submission Guidelines

  • Original Content: Submissions should be original pieces created for this contest.
  • More so, while the suggested range is 150-1200 words, shorter entries that capture humor concisely are also welcome.
  • Furthermore, First-Person Vignettes are encouraged. Entries should take the form of personal anecdotes, delivering humor through direct experiences.
  • Emphasis on HR Professionals: Stories from HR professionals are particularly encouraged, adding a unique perspective to the anthology.
  • While not mandatory, contributors are invited to include cover letters with their submissions.
  • The deadline for submissions is December 18, 2023.
  • Send Submissions Here 
  • Publication Timeline: The aim is to publish the anthology in early March 2024, ensuring a timely release to uplift readers.


  • The top five funniest stories will receive awards, with the first-place winner securing $500 and a print copy
  • Meanwhile, the second-place winner will receive $200 and a print copy
  • And the third, fourth, and fifth-place winners each get $100 and a print copy.
  • Announcement: The winners of the contest will be revealed in February, marking the anticipation of a delightful collection.

This collaborative effort promises to curate a collection of workplace humor that resonates with professionals across various industries, emphasizing the importance of finding laughter amid the challenges of work life.


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