Auroras & Blossoms Magazine Calls for Submissions/ How to Submit (Prize: To be Announced)
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Auroras & Blossoms Magazine Calls for Submissions/ How to Submit (Prize: To be Announced)

Auroras & Blossoms Magazine Calls for Submissions!

At Auroras & Blossoms Magazine, embraces the PoArtMo concept—“Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum.” Aligned with family-friendliness, positivity, and inclusivity, the magazine aims to amplify the voices of writers fostering hope and optimism.

Eligibility for Auroras & Blossoms Magazine

  • Age: Submissions are only accepted from age 17 and over.
  • Also, only submissions in English Language are acceptable.

Auroras & Blossoms Magazine

Submission Guidelines

The Themes for this submission are as follows:

  • Interpret “Auroras and/or blossoms” literally or metaphorically.
  • Furthermore, explore female role models influencing culture/history.
  • Irrespective of this requirement, themes are optional, and non-themed  entries are welcome.
  • Importantly, acceptable works include: Poetry, essays, stories, and flash fiction.
  • In relation to the above, only five (5) pieces per participant and per submission period.
  • More so, AI-generated content is prohibited. This could lead to disqualification.
  • Word Count: 150 (minimum) – 1,000 (maximum).
  • Other Requirements include: Priority to original and unpublished material.
  • More so, Family-friendly content is required, no dirty words or erotica.
  • Uplifting elements are a must.
  • Professionalism in presentation and treatment of work.
  • Proofread/edit your work before submission.
  • Importantly, inclusivity is valued, please respect diversity in your work.
  • To submit: STEP 1: Click here to download the submission form and save it to your computer. Furthermore, fill it up, then send it back to them. All sections must be filled.
  • STEP 2: Email: Also send this way – Subject: Auroras & Blossoms Magazine + Name.
  • Also, note that deadline is 31st of December, 2023.


  • There is no submission Fee to enter 
  • However, digital Copy Fee is available to be given by the entrant. More so, this would be a small donation for those seeking a digital copy of the issue.
  • Also, it is payable today or after acceptance.
  • Also, amount is at the submitter’s discretion.

Prize for Application 

  • Recognition: Top entries will be acknowledged in the magazine, offering a platform for contributors to reach a wider audience.
    – Digital Copy: While there is no submission fee, contributors interested in receiving a digital copy of the issue are encouraged to make a small donation of their choosing.

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