Cosmopolitan Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Payment: $1.05/ word)
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Cosmopolitan Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Payment: $1.05/ word)

At Cosmopolitan, their team works tirelessly to deliver content that is unapologetically honest, fearlessly authentic, and incredibly fun.

With a history dating back to 1886, Cosmo has evolved into the ultimate destination for real talk about everything from pop culture and sex to politics and careers.

Whether you are interested in fashion, beauty, relationships, or emerging platforms, Cosmopolitan invites you to be part of its dynamic and diverse conversation.


Submission Guidelines For Cosmopolitan

  • As the largest young women’s media brand globally, Cosmo engages in an intimate relationship and ongoing conversation with readers.
  • Their 60+ editorial staff is committed to providing fresh, funny, and fundamental intel on topics that matter, covering everything from dirty-talk tips to crypto and QAnon.
  • They prioritize accuracy and transparency.
  • Your content will be thoroughly edited, fact-checked, and tested before recommendation.
  • While participating in affiliate marketing programs, they ensure recommendations are driven by editorial standards, not just affiliate deals.
  • Their strict privacy policy and respect for readers’ trust guides their actions.
  • They encourage contact through multiple channels, including the Cosmopolitan office in New York City, email at, and various social media platforms.
  • An article usually takes up to six months to be published in the magazine through submission.
  • You can submit your article by email or mail and will usually receive feedback in a month.
  • Cosmopolitan assigns stories to seasonal writers and rarely accepts pitches. A submission should range from 1000–1500 words.


What They Want

Cosmo’s diverse team covers a range of topics which includes:

  • Features: In-depth stories on mental health, subcultures, women in politics, and more.
  • Sex and Relationships: Honest advice and insights into love, lust, and everything in between.
  • Entertainment: Thirsty for pop culture, rom-coms, and the latest true-crime series.
  • Beauty: Expert-tested beauty products catering to various skin tones, hair textures, and types.
  • Fashion and Lifestyle: Identifying trends, testing new styles, and reporting on celebrity fashion.
  • Astrology: Your cosmic life coach for decoding horoscopes, natal charts, and tarot.
  • Shopping: Trusted advisers providing carefully vetted product recommendations.
  • Emerging Platforms: Delivering news and astrology on Snapchat Discover and TikTok.


What They Don’t Want

Cosmo does not compromise on accuracy, transparency, or reader privacy. The team avoids intrusive actions like unsolicited direct messages.


Pay Rates

Payment reports indicate that they pay an average of $1.05 per word.

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