Flash Point Science Fiction Is Accepting Fiction Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.02/word)
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Flash Point Science Fiction Is Accepting Fiction Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.02/word)

Flash Point Science Fiction (FPSF) is actively seeking speculative fiction stories ranging from 100 to 1,000 words. 

Their focus is on fostering the growth of the flash fiction market, encompassing science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and all the imaginative realms in between. 

Their commitment to diverse voices is reflected in their welcome to writers of all races, colors, religions, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins, disabilities, and sexual orientations. There is also no entry fee.


Submission Guidelines For Flash Point Science Fiction

They encourage submissions in the realms of fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, and seasonal themes. 

It is important to note that they do not entertain horror or literary fiction submissions.

They value creativity that goes beyond the conventional, seeking stories that engage and provoke emotions.

Dark fantasy and sci-fi are welcome, but horror elements should not be the primary appeal.

Submission specs require adherence to William Shunn’s Proper Manuscript Format. 

Submit your story as a .doc or .docx file. 

Avoid poorly formatted submissions, as they may be rejected unread. 

You can fill the forms for submissions here.

Do not submit via email directly; submissions received in this manner will be deleted unread.


What They Want

They particularly appreciate:

  • Fantasy of all kinds (epic, adventure, contemporary, urban, grimdark, fairy tale, magical realism, myths and legends, etc.)
  • Science Fiction across various sub-genres (hard, space opera, military, near future, science fantasy, cyberpunk, dystopian, etc.)
  • Slipstream that embraces the weird, as long as it works.
  • Seasonal themes (submit at least 3 months in advance of the relevant occasion)
  •  Anything evoking laughter, tears, contemplation, or joy.


What They Don’t Want

They do not accept:

  • Literary fiction without a clear SF&F element.
  • Gratuitous sex or violence.
  • Fanfic—only original concepts.
  • Stories previously published in a different language.


Deadline and Response Details

Their submission window will be open in 2024 from January 15th to March 31st.

Their normal response time is 30 days, but if your response takes longer, your story is likely under special consideration. If you haven’t heard back after 60 days, feel free to contact them. 

They prefer to publish one story per author per calendar year, and authors can submit new work when open submissions are announced again.

For more insights, check out their website for the interview with their editors, discussing what FPSF looks for in great flash fiction.


Pay Rates

They offer $0.02 per word for first worldwide rights and non-exclusive reprint rights. 

Authors may also find their work republished in their annual anthology, activated within 24 calendar months of the original publication date.

You might want to check out another Creative Writing opportunity. Good luck.


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