Landscape Architecture Magazine Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $1/ word)
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Landscape Architecture Magazine Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $1/ word)

Landscape Architecture Magazine is part of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). They publish monthly and are on the lookout for compelling stories and talented journalists to cover them.

If you are a journalist or a freelance writer with a passion for landscape architecture, contributing to Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) offers an exciting opportunity. 


General Submission Guidelines For Landscape Architecture Magazine

If you’re interested in contributing to LAM, here are some key details to keep in mind. 

  • The magazine primarily caters to landscape architecture professionals, students, and allied professionals such as architects and engineers. 
  • While they appreciate stories from major cities, they are particularly keen on exploring innovative work in smaller cities, rural areas, and towns.
  • For successful story pitches, it’s crucial to center them around a landscape architect. 
  • The magazine avoids stories led by architects or other design professionals leading landscape projects. 
  • Additionally, LAM is a monthly magazine and doesn’t chase hourly or daily news. They prefer stories that can remain timely even after two months or more.


What They Want

Specificity is Key: The more specific, the better. Familiarize yourself with LAM’s audience and approach before pitching.

Landscape Architect Focus: Ensure your story pitch revolves around a landscape architect.

Avoid Duplicating Stories: Check how other media outlets are covering a topic to avoid duplication.

Bonus Points for Underrepresented Areas: LAM is particularly interested in stories from smaller cities, rural areas, and towns.

New Work Preferred: Projects built in the last three years grab their attention first.

Accepted Formats: LAM considers pitches for features (2,000 words), departments (1,500 words), NOW (short and newsy), book reviews, essays on relevant topics (1,800 words), and BackStory (process, single image).

Illustrators and Photographers: They are also interested in illustrators and professional photographers with a landscape perspective.


What They Don’t Want

  • LAM does not accept sponsored content, neither would they respond to requests for collaboration or article placements on their website. 
  • They also avoid stories where architects or other design professionals lead landscape projects.



While the article doesn’t specify a deadline, potential contributors are encouraged to email their pitches to 

Responses are typically provided within a few weeks.


Does Landscape Architecture Magazine Pay Contributors?

According to LAM’s editor, they pay $1 per word for most of their stories.

If you are ready to share stories about innovative landscape architecture and contribute to LAM’s monthly publication, keep your pitch short, specific, and focused on the fascinating work happening in the field. Good luck.


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