“Don’t Give Up On Your Writing Dreams,” Says Nnamdi Wabara, Author of Broken Echoes
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“Don’t Give Up On Your Writing Dreams,” Says Nnamdi Wabara, Author of Broken Echoes

Nnamdi Wabara, author of Broken Echoes, writes poetry and prose. His works have appeared on Afikan Mbiu, newerthotsblogspot, as well as The Geographer magazine. He has also contributed to the audio anthology for Badilisha poetry, as well as featured by the Festival for Poetry, Australia.

Broken Echoes, his second collection of poetry, is the first to be fully published. The First collection, ‘A varied tongue….my pot-pourri’, was self-published on Amazon.
After reading a copy of Broken Echoes, the staff at Creative Writing News decided to interview the author, Nnamdi Wabara. He had very many exciting things to say. I hope you enjoy the interview.
Creative Writing NewsTell us a bit about what inspired you to be a writer?
Nnamdi Wabara: I have always had a thing for books. My father in his earlier life worked in a publishing firm. There were always books around the house. My voracious appetite took in everything, newspapers, magazines, and books. From Shakespeare to Ola Rotimi, nothing escaped my reading thirst.

Creative Writing News Are you a full-time writer, or is writing just one of your hobbies?

Nnamdi Wabara: I wish I was a full-time writer, but alas, I am not. I have an 8am-4pm job in the Banking sector, with countless meetings, training, strategy sessions and heart-stopping QPRs thrown-in.

Creative Writing News: What’s the name of your publisher? Where can your book be purchased?

Nnamdi Wabara: My publishers are Immaculate Publications limited. Our book, for now, can be ordered from them 0805 2506848/ 042 254433. We still plan on having it for download on Okada books, Olulu and Amazon.

Creative Writing News: Who are your favorite authors and what book(s) are you reading at the moment?

Nnamdi Wabara: My favorite authors cut across different genres. Ola Rotimi, Chukwuemeka Ike, Cyprian Ekwensi, Sidney Sheldon, and lately John Grisham. I am a big Grisham fan and currently reading my 22nd Grisham novel (I think I have the lot save, the whistler), Gray Mountain.

Creative Writing News: What did you enjoy most about writing this novel?

Nnamdi Wabara: I enjoyed putting all these poems that I have been writing down in different moments, different circumstances, together in a book. It’s a nice feeling.

Creative Writing News: What are you currently working on?

Nnamdi Wabara: I am putting together my collection of short stories. 10 stories with 2 bonus flash fiction reads. The stories also cut across different genres. The manuscript is ready and we hope that by 1st week December, it will be ready.


Creative Writing News: What is your take on the poor reading culture in Nigeria? In your opinion, what can we do to change it?

Nnamdi Wabara: It’s sad really that we don’t read enough in Nigeria and much lesser than around the time we grew up, the late 80s to mid-90s. We had pacesetters series, the Heinemann series. We were always on our reading toes. What can be done? Not sure really in this era of social media and stuff. Maybe one-day libraries and bookshelves will start trending again.

Creative Writing News: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Nnamdi Wabara: J.K. Rowling. In a Casual Vacancy, a novel, she showed there was so much to her than the magic world of Harry porter. There was a calm, unhurried feel to the story. I could use some of that calm.

Creative Writing News: Briefly share your publishing experience with us.

Nnamdi Wabara: I was lucky to escape some digital group claiming affiliation to Penguin books. They wanted to sign me on and for me to pay about $300 or so. I was able to calm down and continue writing till Immaculate Publishers came along.

Creative Writing News: Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers?

Nnamdi Wabara: My advice is just to keep doing what you enjoy doing. Don’t give up on your writing dreams.

Creative Writing News: What genre of music and movies are your favorite? And do they inspire your writing?

Nnamdi Wabara: I love classical music and soft music. I love Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana for classical and currently enjoy Runtown and Simi for Nigerian soft. For movies, I am generally a comedies person but also love the current top quality movies found on ROK TV. I tend to write better in quiet zones sans music or noise, but music helps get me in the mood.

Book Description:

Broken Echoes…etcetera is a collection of 53 poems all authored by Nnamdi Wabara. The poems cut across different genres and styles. From the thought-provoking pantoum and book cover, “Broken echoes ‘, to the vivid imagery of ‘Home’, ‘Sounds of my quiet’,’ Waiting on death row’, ‘Aba’, down to the delightful humour of ‘My estranged wife’,’ The walls and their ears’, ‘The wedlock of the professor of English’, this book packs suspense and laughter aplenty within its pages. A good read.

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