Belmont Story Review Is Accepting Prose And Poetry/ How To Submit (Pay: $50 – $100)
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Belmont Story Review Is Accepting Prose And Poetry/ How To Submit (Pay: $50 – $100)

Belmont Story Review is a literary beacon based in the United States and stands at the crossroads of literary arts, faith, and culture.

This national magazine invites storytellers to weave their tales through the tapestry of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Belmont Story Review is committed to breaking free from the traditional literary landscape dominated by the white male gaze.

The magazine actively seeks work from typically underrepresented groups, acknowledging the importance of diverse voices in shaping the literary narrative.

Submission Guidelines For Belmont Story Review 

Belmont Story Review seeks freelance, emerging and established writers who embrace their craft with passion.

Their canvas spans fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, fostering an eclectic blend of storytelling that converges at the intersection of faith and culture.

Writers are encouraged to fearlessly engage with challenging ideas, surprising and delighting readers along the way.

Writers are also encouraged to submit only ONE piece of prose, choosing between fiction or nonfiction, while poets can submit up to FIVE poems.

The magazine, operating through Submittable, requires a brief author bio and accepts submissions until the specified deadline.

While the editorial doors of Belmont Story Review swing wide for diverse narratives, there are boundaries. The magazine does not accept pieces that have already been published, and revised submissions post-submission are not entertained.

The call is clear; submit your best work, fresh and unexplored.

Author Rights

Upon acceptance, the magazine purchases exclusive first serial rights in North America, the right to reproduce and distribute the work in its original format, and nonexclusive rights to promote and publicize the magazine using the accepted work. Authors, however, retain the copyright, with due credit required in case of republishing.



The submission window for Volume 9 is open until January 31st, 2024. Notifications on the status of submissions are expected by April 1, with volumes publishing annually in the summer.


Belmont Story Review values the craftsmanship of its contributors and compensates accordingly. Prose writers receive $100, while poets are honored with $50.

The compensation, provided as a check in US dollars, is accompanied by a complimentary copy of the magazine. Additional copies can be purchased, offering contributors an opportunity to share their published work.

However, it’s essential to note that the honorarium payment is available only to those who can receive a U.S. check. Contributors outside the U.S. or Canada, unfortunately, are compensated with in-kind copies of the magazine (up to 3 copies).

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