Poetic Africa Submission is now Open for African Poets/ How to Apply (Payment: TBD)
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Poetic Africa Submission is now Open for African Poets/ How to Apply (Payment: TBD)

PoeticAfrica is calling on African poets from around the globe to submit to their 12th Issue.

Poetic Africa, Africa’s first trilingual (English, French, Kiswahili) poetry magazine, calls for submissions from poets for her November 2023 edition.

“The face is the soul of the body.”

     ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

 The face is not only an image but a bedrock of many battles, aspirations, fears, vulnerabilities, resilience, etc. It is a surface that covers, uncovers, tracks and transports. Write and submit your poem on the theme FACES. You can learn how to write your poem to fit a theme here.

Poetic Africa Submission Poster

 Guidelines for Poetic Africa Submission

  • The editorial team is looking for poems of a maximum of 24 lines.
  • Also, the use of creativity and originality, use of poetic devices and economy of words.
  • Please present well-arranged poetry.
  • The poem titles should not have the word ‘Faces’.
  • Analyzing your poem to ensure it suits the theme will be an additional point, learn how to do that here.
  • The edition will be released on November 10th, 2023.
  • To submit, please visit https://writersspace.net/poeticafrica.
  • Submissions in French or Swahili are accepted (without equivalent translations in English).


The window for Poetic Africa Submission is from August 11th until September 10th, 2023.

To learn more about the submission process, you can visit the X (formerly Twitter) Page. Good luck.


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