When I began writing seriously, I craved the guidance and direction of a more established writer. I wanted to know what mistakes to avoid, how to make progress and so on. Thankfully, Chimamanda Adichie gave me that opportunity in 2010, when I attended her workshop. I have moved upwards from then on.

Because a lot of people have been asking for workshops and creative writing classes, I will be organizing one. Please make out time to attend the workshop at the Ofuobi African Development Centre, Agric Bank, Enugu. The event will hold on Friday 25th November, 2016, from 9AM to 2PM. I’ll bring few copies of the How To Write Fantastic Short Stories Manual as well as copies of Finding Love Again. Feel free to book via email , if you’d want copies reserved for you.

There will be a registration fee of just N1000.

Spread the word. You might make someone happy.. See you tomorrow. Bye