If you are a writer, this is for you. Enter the WITB essay contest for a chance to win;

1st Prize (1 winner) :  Cash $300 + 1 year Premium Movie and Music  Subscription (Worth 250$)

2nd Prize (3 winner) : Cash $100 + 1 year Premium Movie and Music  Subscription (Worth 250$)

3rd Prize (5 winner):  Premium Android apps (worth 150$)

To participate, choose either of the topics below;

  1. How Movies Affect Our Lives


      2. How Android Changed The World

You can also write on any topic related to technology.

Deadline :- 

* The final date for submission is March 31st, 2017.


Movies , Android , Mobile ,Technology

Entry Fees

No submission fees


Eligibility needs:-

The competition is open to all writers.

How to Apply:-

* Essay should be minimum 300 words  and maximum 2000 words.

* The essay ought to be free from plagiarism. Repetition of written material isn’t acceptable.

* The essay should be written in English.

* In the subject line of your email, please include:-

1. Personal Details (Name, Phone, and Address).

2. Your story name

3. Your age

You can send the document to [email protected].

For more information , visit the WITB website. 

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