Saraba Magazine Publishes Its Eigth Issue.

Saraba, an electronic literary magazine just announced the release of its 8th Issue. It was released on 15th April, 2011.

In previous editions, Saraba magazine explored themes as diverse as Family, City Life, Economy, Niger Delta, Religion/God, and Technology.

Contributing authors ranged from not-too-known budding writers to well-known, professional ones. They have published writers mostly from Nigeria. Other contributing writers are resident in London, Paris, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, India, USA, Zimbabwe, Russia, Cameroun, Australia, and so forth.

In this publication, the knotty issue of fashion was explored. The publisher described this issue as the fruit of their proudest effort. And he states, “… we failed in securing a unanimous perspective for fashion; how we succeeded in multiplying the richness, the effusiveness, the feverishness and sometimes agonizing details of fashion.”

Contributing writers in the issue are: Yemi Soneye, Donald Molosi, Michael Lee Johnson, Chitzi Ogbumagba, Emmanuel Uweru Okoh, Luso Mnthali and Lauren Henley.

Other contributing writers include: Victor Olusanya, Yolanda Mabuto, Sokari Ekine, Damilola Ajayi, Tola Odejayi, Emmanuel Iduma, Karen Chandler, and Kesiena Eboh.

The issue can be downloaded from

Other issues and Chapbooks are published on and can be downloaded without charge. Literary enthusiasts and the general reading public are invited to explore the wide range of talents as well as the expertise on display.

Reviews, links and critical acclaims of the published work are also welcome. The site accommodates discussions.

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