Kikwetu Journal is Calling for Submissions (Prize: $150 + Publication)
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Kikwetu Journal is Calling for Submissions (Prize: $150 + Publication)

Kikwetu Journal is accepting flash fiction submissions from writers across Africa.

In their continued quest to showcase new and established writers from East Africa and beyond, Kikwetu Journal is thrilled to be hosting its second annual writing contest to recognize exemplary work from human writers of African origin.

The call-out is open-themed, and they encourage you to send your best stories.

Submission Guidelines for Kikweku Journal

 Submit work via this form. If you don’t have a Google account, you may email your submission to
(2) You may submit as many as two stories maximum.
(3) Stories longer than 1,200 words will remain unread.
(4) All submissions should be in English or Swahili and submitted as a Word document.
(5) They will do their very best to make a decision within three months of submission. Please do not contact them about the status of your submission until three months have passed.
(6) The Journal is truly grateful that you are sending your work to them. They will read all submissions carefully but regretfully will not be able to give individualized feedback on all submissions.
(7) Submissions must be entirely the work of the submitter and must never have been previously published in print or online (including personal blogs and social media).
(8) Kikwetu has first publication rights, but copyright reverts to the author upon publication. In case of republishing your work, they ask that you acknowledge Kikwetu. Kikwetu may republish accepted works in future print anthologies or promotional materials.  
(9) By submitting your work, you are granting the editors permission to make copyedits involving grammar and punctuation. You can still learn how to edit your work yourself before submission.
(10) Work may not be generated by Artificial Intelligence; it should come directly from your human brain.
(11) Payment to the winning author will be made shortly after publication via M-Pesa or PayPal.
(12) By submitting, you are agreeing to the above guidelines. However, submissions that fail to comply with the guidelines may be returned unread.


The winner of the 2023 Kikwetu Flash Fiction Contest, who will receive a $150 cash prize in addition to their story being published in issue 9 of Kikwetu. Payment will be made via M-Pesa or PayPal. Also, finalist stories will be published in issue 9 of Kikwetu.


Submissions will be open from October 10 through December 10.

Find out more on the Kikwetu Journal Twitter. Good luck.

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