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ÌYÀNDÁ by Makinde Ayodeji


Have you read ÌYÀNDÁ? Goodness, why not? 
Anyway, it’s not just a comic book; it’s a unique work of art that reflects the beauty of culture and tradition. The title is gotten from the Yoruba language. ÌYÀNDÁ means- ‘A Selected Being’.    
The work tells the story tells the story of an ancient African Village. It shows their unique way of life and traditions, but more importantly, it mirrors how people can be limited by the things they allow to define them
 ÌYÀNDÁ by Makinde Ayodeji was recently published on www.lulu.com and is now available across the globe in e-book format. To download a copy, click HERE.
Makinde Ayodeji is a lawyer, comic script writer and founder of Divine International, an organisations that promotes comics as a tool for societal transformation.

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