How Creative Writing Teachers Can Benefit from Using a Plagiarism Checker
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How Creative Writing Teachers Can Benefit from Using a Plagiarism Checker

All modern educators want to reach their aims: to teach students to develop critical thinking, form their statements, explain their ideas flawlessly, and evaluate knowledge of students straightforwardly.

To reach these goals, teachers often assign students to write essays and other papers in the proper style, tone of voice, and unique content.

To be effective, a teacher must have time to give students feedback and provide a deep analysis of their work. Thanks to digital tools like online plagiarism checkers for teachers, this process becomes effortless. As a result, teachers get more free time and resources.

In our article, we will discuss how creative writing teachers can benefit from using a plagiarism checker.

What is a plagiarism checker?

A specific tool that helps to identify borrowed content in any text is called a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism chicken tools are available online and most of them are free.

By comparing the text entered a specific field on the page of a website, a user of a plagiarism checker can in several minutes or even seconds get an analysis resulted from a work of an algorithm that checks all web pages, articles and submissions of other students that could be fined on the Internet. As a result, a user gets the visual highlights of potential copied content in the entered text.

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Advantages of using a plagiarism checker by creative writing teachers

There are numerous benefits a plagiarism checker can give to creative writing teachers. For example, using such online tools as effective plagiarism checkers improves effectiveness and lets teachers give students feedback directly and promptly.

Using plagiarism checkers lets teachers ensure that students use unique content and follow all the manuals provided by teachers. Here are more advantages of utilizing the plagiarism checker below:

Proving originality and creativeness

Using plagiarism checkers lets teachers ensure the texts created by students are original. Tools that check the uniqueness of written assignments online can identify the parts and text that could be considered like other texts on online resources.

For example, a tool can find texts submitted by other students that have already been published. So, if a student just copied the text from an online resource and did not point out the proper citation according to the set formatting style, a plagiarism checker will consider this part borrowed. In turn, a teacher can discuss such an issue with the students and ensure that they avoid plagiarism in the future.

Encouraging academic integrity

Another way for teachers to benefit by using a plagiarism-checking tool is the promotion of academic honesty. Integrity is crucial for students who want to succeed in their studies.

Teachers must discourage plagiarism and explain the importance of the originality of students’ content. Creating academic papers aims to teach students to formulate their thoughts, and this goal is impossible to reach if a student borrows content.

Another aspect related to academic honesty is a significant part of ethical issues that is important to explain to students during the educational process.

Providing timely feedback on submitted papers

By using online plagiarism-checking tools, teachers become much more effective. The effectiveness improvement process includes providing timely feedback on papers students submit during their studies.

It becomes easy for teachers to identify plagiarism-related issues and give students direct and correct commentaries about such cases. For example, if a student provides a paper with borrowed content, and a teacher identifies this issue online, it is effortless to give a student feedback with a screenshot so that a student cannot avoid responsibility.

Identifying poor referencing

Teachers who often utilize online plagiarism detection tools are effective in identifying the areas of betterment in terms of referencing. For example, if a student misuses citations or references, the tool will let a teacher quickly identify the case and find the initial source.

In turn, a teacher can smoothly give students feedback regarding improper citations and comment on how to improve this situation. As a result, students realize their responsibility for proper citation and understand the importance of giving credit to original authors.

Helping students to become better writers

One of the main goals of a teacher is to help students improve their writing skills. It means that one advantage of using an online plagiarism-checking for creative writing teachers is the ability to easily identify improvement areas.

Explaining to students the specific aspects that need more work is very easy when a teacher can directly see the weaknesses of a piece highlighted by a plagiarism-checking tool. Helping students to develop strong writing skills and create meaningful papers is a part of keeping up the academic integrity process.

Developing critical thinking

Students appreciate it when teachers help them become better writers and develop critical thinking. Thanks to using plagiarism-checking tools, teachers not only identify the originality of the text.

They also allow students to see how independent thinking can make their papers better. To avoid plagiarism, students must learn to analyze the data and form their own opinions based on the originality of ideas and statements.

Saving time in analyzing student works

By using online plagiarism-checking tools, teachers can automatize evaluating student tasks. When a teacher gets an assignment, reducing the time spent on checking work is very easy.

If papers submitted by students are automatically checked for plagiarism, it saves a teacher more time to analyze the content more deeply.

Time resources saved by using online plagiarism-checking tools for analyzing student works lets teachers dedicate more time to giving students adequate and detailed feedback on their writing weaknesses.

Creating an effective evaluation system

Thanks to a plagiarism checker, teachers can not only focus on deep analysis but also create a fair system of evaluation to give students practical feedback.

For example, plagiarism-checking tools allow teachers to compare two works, and if there are similar sentences, the teacher will define the two students who provided the same texts. It will lead to an ability to promptly give feedback and identify violations of the academic integrity process.


We hope that now, after reading the article, you realize that creative writing teachers can benefit from using a plagiarism checker. Digital tools are effective and help to save time. We hope you will detect the easiest and unique way to use the plagiarism checker for your needs. Good luck!

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