Graydon House Is Accepting Unagented Submissions from Black Writers

Graydon House is a paperback imprint that is dedicated to publishing book club-worthy women’s fiction. They are currently accepting unagented submissions from Black writers. Their interest includes, but is not limited to, historical fiction, suspense, family dramas, friendship stories, and more. If you submit your work, you will receive personalized feedback on your submission within 90 days. And if they are interested in your work, they will recommend agents for you to contact. The deadline for submissions is 8 September, 2020


  • Black writers.
  • There is no submission fee.

How to Submit your manuscript to Graydon:

Before you submit to Graydon House you should consider this tip on how to write your query/cover better, as recommended by an agent at novelty.

How to write a query letter

check out this article on How to Write a Good Cover Letter and How to write the Author’s bio in your cover letter.

Also, read this on creating good characters.

Wondering if your novel started well? Read How To Start A Novel: A Guide To Writing Bestselling Fiction.

Don’t forget to get your manuscript edited.


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