Do you enjoy reading and writing romance suspense and crime thrillers stories? You probably want to consider submitting your work to Love Press Africa’s Anti-hero(in)es anthology. The editors are currently accepting stories to be published in an anthology in August 2019.
Submission Guidelines:
Stories should be:
  • in the romance suspense or crime thriller subgenre. Ensure that your story has compelling romantic elements.
    • *suggestion: Visit the mills and boons and Harlequin website. They often publish free high quality short romance suspense stories on their free online reads segment.

More Submissions Guidelines:

  • They thoroughly enjoy stories that feature bad boys, bad girls and dark hero(in)es, gangsters and vigilantes, rule-breakers and rogues. Avoid stereo typically saintly characters.

Your lead tarnished characters must be sympathetic and better still, empathetic, even when they are breaking hearts and shedding blood.
• Think John Luther from the Luther TV series, or Omar Little from The Wire or Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy or Patty Hewes from Damages.

  • Your lead characters must be African.
  • The publishers prefer stories set mainly in Africa, but if you have a storiy set outside Africa, feel free to submit it. What matters is that the story features Africans.
  • Word count: 10, 000 to 20, 000 words
  • Heat level can be anywhere from sweet to spicy
  • Please give your story an optimistic ending. This ending can be either Happy For Now or Happy Ever After

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How To Apply:
  • Ensure that your manuscript meets the formatting guidelines

Manuscripts formatting guidelines:
• FORMAT: doc,
• FONT: Times New Roman,
• SIZE: 12
• LINE SPACING: Double-spaced

  •   Send your story as an email attachment to [email protected]
  • Submit your entry before the June 9th, 2019 deadline.

Forward all inquiries to [email protected]  Publication contracts will be offered for successful submissions.

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