Get Published – The Kids Ark Call For Submissions
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Get Published – The Kids Ark Call For Submissions

The Kids’ Ar is looking stories not longer than 650 words that are written for children who are 6 – 10 years old. The stories should be
engaging, exciting and adventurous as these are the themes which are applicable to the current issue.

The stories should be inspiring in such a way that they teach children biblical principles. They could be contemporary, historical or science fiction and involve characters of various race and ethnic backgrounds but should be written from Christian principles.

How to Submit

E-mail your submission as a Microsoft Word attachment to Ensure you include your name, address, phone number, email, word count and suggested title at the top of the first page. Also place the Ark Theme you are submitting for on the top of each page.

If your story is accepted you will be notified via phone or e-mail within 8-10 Weeks.
You will be paid $100 upon publication for First Time World-Wide rights as well as Electronic rights with rights to reprint at a later date.
You will be paid $25 per story for reprints upon publication.

About The Kids’ Ark

The Kids’ Ark is a 36-page, 4-color, quarterly Christian magazine for children ages 6-12. Each issue is based on a theme, ie: Love, Faith, Obedience, etc. The magazine offers games, puzzles, and four exciting and adventurous Christian fiction stories in each issue.


The purpose of The Kids’ Ark is to enlighten children with the love and power of God through Jesus Christ. The Kids’ Ark believes that God wants the best for His children and that through a faith and knowledge of Him, we can be all that He has called us to be. We feel that only through Christ can children withstand the temptations and trials that they are being exposed to in these times.

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