See The Winners Of The Dusty Manuscript Contest 2018
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See The Winners Of The Dusty Manuscript Contest 2018

We had published earlier a call for submissions for The Dusty Manuscript Contest. Now, after a few months and over a thousand entries, The 2018 Dusty Manuscript Contest has finally come to an end, and the top 3 winners have been announced.

Meet the winners:

Coming first was Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, who happens to be an author, publisher, Poet and the CEO of Authorpedia. He came first with his entry manuscript, it’s first draft written almost ten years ago, titled Devil’s Pawn. He went home with a cash prize of 1 million naira and a publishing contract with Farafina Publishers.

In second place was Onoche Emeka, with his entry manuscript titled, The Orchid Protocol. He went home with 500,000 naira cash prize.

In third place was Nneoma Anieto, the only female among the three, with her entry manuscript titled The Other Side Of Truth. She went home with 250,000 naira cash prize.
The Dusty Manuscript Contest Judges had this to say about Devil’s Pawn:

The winning entry was a unanimous choice…The story is the best example of the possibilities inherent in genre fiction switching from crime to adventure, thriller to horror. Told in a fast-paced narrative style that keeps you glued to the pages, our winning entry is a gift that keeps on giving.

The judges, which included renowned authors Eghosa Imasuen, Yejide Kilanko and Toni Kan, as well as an Assistant Professor of English Language Dr Ainehi Edoro-Glines, carefully selected the top 3 entries based on originality, language, grammar, narrative strength, coherence and dramatic intensity.
Throughout the selection process, the judges were not made aware of the identities of contestants, until the final winner emerged.
We, at Creative Writing News, say a big congratulations to the winners!

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