Heathen Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.05/ word)
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Heathen Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $0.05/ word)

Heathen Magazine emerges as a beacon in the literary realm, weaving the intricate tapestry of horror and dark fantasy fiction.


This new literary magazine and multimedia platform, with a quarterly digital release, aims to showcase the best in spine-chilling narratives. Accompanying its digital presence, Heathen also compiles the most enthralling stories into a physical annual edition.

In the realm of Heathen, darkness finds its voice, and authors are invited to contribute their stories to this chorus of the macabre.

Submission Guidelines For Heathen Magazine

  • Heathen invites submissions, beckoning storytellers to delve into the shadows and conjure tales that echo the spirits of Lovecraft, Poe, and Chambers.
  • While human experiences remain the focal point, the narratives should be steeped in monsters, beasts, the supernatural, or fantastical world-building.
  • The canvas is vast, allowing authors to paint with words, creating stories that linger in the reader’s psyche.
  • Heathen seeks stories that captivate, with a preferred length not exceeding 7,500 words.
  • Shorter stories, those under 5,000 words, receive a nod of favor from the editorial team.
  • The magazine embraces a dual medium, presenting stories in both text and audio formats.
  • The chosen tales, resonating with readers and listeners alike, culminate in an annual print issue.
  • This amalgamation of mediums underscores Heathen’s dedication to engaging with its audience through various sensory experiences.
  • Heathen, while a haven for horror and dark fantasy, delineates its boundaries. In this realm, poetry, non-fiction, and art-only submissions find no sanctuary.
  • The focus is on narratives that stir the imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the readers’ minds.
  • Click here to submit your work.

Author Rights

Heathen Magazine recognizes the importance of authorship, and as such, it secures the rights of the creators. The tales woven into the fabric of Heathen remain the intellectual property of the authors, ensuring that their contributions are respected and acknowledged.


The submission window is open, offering authors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the darkness until 11:59 p.m. Central on January 31st. The inaugural issue is set to cast its eerie glow upon readers in Spring 2024.


As a token of appreciation for the crafted tales that breathe life into the shadows, Heathen compensates writers at the rate of $0.05 per word.


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