EatingWell Magazine is Accepting Email Pitches & Submissions / Pays: $1 per word article / Guidelines for Food Writers
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EatingWell Magazine is Accepting Email Pitches & Submissions / Pays: $1 per word article / Guidelines for Food Writers

EatingWell magazine is one prestigious food magazine that pays food writers handsomely. They are currently open to pitches from food lovers. This article is designed to help you get commissioned by the editors of this prestigious food mag. It covers everything you need to know to write and publish an article on, including:

  • Eatingwell writers’ submissions guidelines, 
  • job and career opportunities,
  • correct submissions email addresses
  • and everything you need to know about writing for EatingWell Magazine

Who is Eligible to Pitch to EatingWell Magazine?

Anyone from anywhere in the world with good experience in food writing.

How to Submit Pitches to EatingWell Magazine (Tips and Submission Guidelines):

A national food magazine that focuses solely on eating healthfully, the Eatingwell writer’s guidelines demands that:

  • Pitches reflect an understanding of their vision and values.
  • Pitches are emailed to the editorial team in (find email addresses in the section below)
  • The subject title of every email read:  “EatingWell Magazine Pitch” . Also include the section to which your article might be published. For example, the email subject line can read:
      • EatingWell Magazine Pitch For Recipe Column
      • EatingWell Magazine Pitch Restaurant Review OR
      • EatingWell Magazine Pitch On Prepping Meals With Vegetable Choppers.
  • Before you send that email, familiarize yourself with online and print versions pf the Eating Well magazine and its departments.
  • Send ideas for specific sections in the magazine.
  • Your articles must be no more than 350 words. 
  • Read past columns and develop your pitch following the format of those columns.
  • Explain why the idea/topic you’re pitching should be covered in a specific issue of the EatingWell magazine.
  • Note that your pitch must be about food (its origins, social issues related to its networks, its culture and traditions).

Are You Ready to Submit Your Articles and Ideas to EatingWell Magazine? Send your pitch to:

  • Features Editor: Carolyn Malcoun:
  • Senior Nutrition and News Editor: Maria Laura Haddad-Garcia:
  • Food Editor, Alex Loh:
  • You can also send ideas through the EatingWell Magazine feedback form.

To Work Fulltime For Eating Well Mag

Send your resume to, If you’d like to work for this food magazine full time.  Keep an eye out for their job openings page: Eating well hires driven individuals who are interested in joining their team of:

      • content creators and editors,
      • recipe developers,
      • designers,
      • content and social media marketers.

Excited about helping people eat healthily? Don’t hesitate to reach out with your yummy, irresistible recipes. The creative team at eating well is constantly looking for ideas.

It might interest you to know that the EatingWell magazine subscription figure is high. If your article makes it into their publication, you’ll be reaching a diverse audience of food lovers. Judging from the January/February 2019 issue of the magazine, it has a circulation of 1,775,000. (Didn’t we already mention that eating well has an impressive subscription rate?) This remains true even though they folded their print edition, as this tweet suggests:



Eating Well Magazine


The online version of the magazine is however, still thriving. It is still being read by millions of food lovers all over the world.

But, before you proceed, read our tips on how to write eloquently. Read the articles that have already been published on the EatingWell magazine website to get a sense of what they like to publish.

Info On How Much Eating Well Pays Its Contributors.

The publishers of Eatingwell magazine pay contributors $1 per word. So what are you waiting for? Send them your ideas. They might commission you to write one or more food articles. Once you’ve got one foot in the door, you won’t need to wait four weeks to get an email response to your pitch.

Looking for more writing jobs online? There are other EatingWell magazine alternatives such as Well+Good Magazine, Allrecipes magazine and . Both are reputable magazines you can pitch your ideas to. Also, the aforementioned mags accept article pitches on a rolling basis. The last time we checked, they were accepting pitches from food writers.

We wish you the best of luck as you try to land more writing gigs.


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