Allrecipes Magazine is Currently Accepting Pitches / How to Submit (Payment Rates: $250 +Publication)
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Allrecipes Magazine is Currently Accepting Pitches / How to Submit (Payment Rates: $250 +Publication)

Allrecipes magazine is currently accepting pitches for its print and online publication.  

If you’re a food writer, send your ideas to the editors of allrecipes. They might commission you to write

  • opinion pieces and personal essays
  • feature stories about food and culture
  • grocery stories and taste test ideas
  • Surprising histories and interviews.

Recently, an editor from allrecipes announced a call for pitches on Twitter.

How to pitch allrecipes magazine

Don’t feel discouraged by the date on the tweet, the editor encourages writers to send pitches every quarter. If you’re just seeing this call for submission, go ahead and shoot her an email.  The print version of Allrecipes magazine is published six times a year. They are often looking for creative ideas that have the potential to blossom into great opinion and feature pieces.

Ensure that your pitch is eloquently written and that the ideas are unique.

But before you pitch your ideas to, do the following:

  • Conduct extensive research on the kinds of articles they publish.
  • Identify content gaps and brainstorm to come up with topics they haven’t already covered.
  • Tell the editors about your publication history and accolades. Your author’s bio should be short, yet impressive.
  • Here are other things they’d like you to include in your pitch. Pitching guidelines


Articles Published on are Divided Into The Following Categories:

  1. The Kitchen Sink: This section features 100 – 400 word-articles about beauty-related benefits of foods and condiments, cooking tips, holiday-themed recipes and so on.

2. Virtual Travel. As the title suggests, this department focuses on publishing one-paged travel pieces. You stand a high chance of getting a positive response if you can prove that you’re an expert in that culture and place.

3. Global 360. If you’re more interested in writing international recipes, they’ll most likely publish your pieces in this section. They prefer writers with an international background to explain condiments and ingredients and to offer cultural insights for the cuisine.

4. 4 Kids. Parents love to cook with their kids, and this section provides tips and tricks for families. Send them your detailed tin-kitchen tips, recipes and activities. They adore creative ideas.

5. Recipe features: The editors of allrecipes are always looking for fresh recipes for their print and online magazines, However, you need to pay attention to their calls for submission. Recently, they put out a list of preferred categories, and recipes wasn’t one of their desired options.

This tweet proves that:

Email address for allrecipes editors.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to pitch your ideas to them. You never know what they’ll decide to publish on the fly.

How To Pitch To Allrecipes Magazine.

  • Pitch your idea via this Google Docs form.  Give the editors at least one month to respond.
  • Alternatively, you can send an email to one of their editors, Arie Knutson at

How Much Does Allrecipes Magazine Pay Its Contributors?

As the tweet suggests, Allrecipes pays its contributors handsomely. The payment rates vary. However, their rates start at $250. This means that they are open to paying more. It all depends on the word count. They also consider how sophisticated the article will be and all the research that will be required to complete the project.

So what are you waiting for? Send your pitches via their online form or the editor’s email address.

If you’re interested in this, you might be interested in pitching your ideas to Eatingwell Magazine.

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