Down River Road Review/ How to Submit (Payment: $30 per piece)

Following the first issue, the Place issue, down river road has called for submissions for its second issue, the Ritual issue. A fresh literary magazine based in Nairobi—published both in print and online—the down river road is interested in works that explore the margins through a variety of art forms. For the Ritual issue, the magazine seeks pieces that look at:

“the processes of daily humanizations, from taking a morning shit to ancestral veneration to daily commute to un/dressing and beyond: Ritual.

Ritual, viz., the ways in which we be, the ways in which we are, the ways in which we play and work and rest and create, the ways in which we gather, the ways in which we seek and do solitude.”

Who is Eligible to Submit:

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world.
  • There is no submission fee.

How to Submit:

  • Submit a short story or essay of between 3500—5000 words.
  • For poetry submission, 3—5 poems of no longer than 40 lines each.
  • For visual pieces, send in no more than four pieces.
  • Four audio pieces, submit no more than four pieces, each piece should be no longer than ten minutes. If you have longer pieces of more than 20 minutes, send just one.
  • Send your submissions to [email protected].
  • The deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2020.


  • Payment is $30 per accepted piece.
  • Plus, two contributor’s copies of the magazine.

Good luck.

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