Don’t Miss This Book Launch: Vitrian Secrets – The Healing Mendez’ by Dele Andersen
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Don’t Miss This Book Launch: Vitrian Secrets – The Healing Mendez’ by Dele Andersen

The hotly anticipated, ‘Vitrian Secrets – The Healing Mendez’ by Dele Andersen will be launched tomorrow, July 28, 2018. Kicking off at 12 noon at the UNILAG Main Auditorium, Akoka, the event will be hosted by TV/Radio Presenter, Isabella Akinseye.

Book Launch: Vitrian Secrets – The Healing Mendez’ by Dele Andersen

It will feature a panel discussion with Dr Wilfred Okiche (Culture Critic), Ijeoma Ucheibe (Literary Blogger) and Segun Dada (Social Entrepreneur and Book Publisher). There will be special celebrity appearances, a video screening and an affiliate workshop on how to make money selling the book. Plus, there’ll be food, drinks and photo opportunities with life size mascots from the book series.

 Can’t wait? Read the book now on the Dele Andersen app (available on Google Play and the App Store).

Here’s a sneak peek.


 Pandemonium took over Celina’s existence as she hurried down a set of steps in her pyjamas, sweating profusely and panting with a little boy in her arms. Although it was the season of the cold Scandinavian winter, running with the boy was enough to make Celina sweat. She was sweating profusely as apprehension took over her system.


 “What is it mama?” the little boy watched as his mother placed him down quickly and her hand shook like she had an intense fever as she tried to open the door to their winter holiday home. Fear began to creep in and it became evident on the boy’s face like Celina had affected him with a disease. “We should go back to papa!”


 Celina ignored her son knowing he couldn’t understand what was about to befall him. Quickly, she closed her eyes and said a brief prayer. She opened her eyes – her prayer was nothing more than muttering words of ‘Help God, Help!’ She turned the knob to the door again but the knob didn’t move.


 “Oh God!” She became terrified and tried using her slim body to force it open. Suddenly she heard her son scream. She turned and looked up to see that her son had been snatched by a woman.


“No, no,” Celina screeched like a wild woman and rushed back towards the steps to get her son. At the top of the steps, she met a man, who immediately prevented her from reaching her son.


 Can’t you see that even your prayers are not being heard?” The man scorned in the dark. His face and upper body were covered by the dark but he was in a pair of long light brown trousers. “If they were … you wouldn’t have come out here for a winter break because I had planned this, long before now and you cannot stop it.”


 “No, no,” Celina objected. “You are crazy …” she hit the man with her hands but her fists had barely any impact on his broad chest. “I beg you, don’t do this!” She cried the words out amidst uncontrollable tears.


“You are lucky Celina that’s why I’m not going to burn you along with Adrian.”


Celina raised her head up the instant she heard what he was going to do to her son. She was about to object when he pushed her aside, she staggered backwards and hit the wall.


“Adrian is only a little boy, he knows nothing of the prophecy,” Celina pleaded for her child’s life.


 “Celina you’ll have another child,” the man looked back, his lips twitched like he was going to smile. “You know, I never gave the other parents this option – I killed them along with their children.”


“But you can’t prove Adrian is The Chosen one, can you?” Celina defended.


“Adrian has the traits of The Chosen in his blood and that is enough for me. The Chosen and those with traits of The Chosen must die.” His voice carried deep venom that shocked Celina. Immediately he finished speaking, he stepped back into the room he came out from.


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