Crannog is Now Open for Submissions/ How to Submit (Payment and publication)
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Crannog is Now Open for Submissions/ How to Submit (Payment and publication)

Crannog is a literary magazine based in Ireland, and their mission is “to publish the best of Irish writers alongside the best available worldwide.”

It is one of the most respected literary magazines from Ireland, and even in the world; according to the Irish Times, it is “[a]n invaluable outlet for new writing.”

The magazine is now open for submissions of short stories and poems until the last day in the month of November, for its March 2020 issue.

Who is Eligible to Submit:

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world writing in English.
  • There is no entry fee.

How to Submit:

  • Submit a pack of no more than three poems in a single file. Each poem should not exceed 50 lines.
  • Every new poem should begin on a new page.
  • Or a single short story of no more than 2000 words.
  • Paste your submission in the body of the email and attach it as a Word document.
  • Include a brief bio in the third person. Make sure that the bio conforms in style to the bios in past issues of the journal.
  • Include a postal address where, if you work is accepted, your contributor’s copy will be sent.
  • Email your submission to:
  • Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2019.
  • All writers whose works are selected will be reached in no more than two months, but for author’s whose works are rejected it will take longer.


  • A contributor’s copy and payment (the exact amount is not disclosed).

Good luck.

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