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The deadlines for the following contests have been extended.

Happy Bookers International Poetry Contest

Organisers of Happy Bookers International Poetry Contest have extended the deadline for submission by a few days. The new deadline is now 17th August, 2012. The guidelines remain the same. Word count: 25 words. First prize: $100. Second Prize:$75. More information on Happy Bookers international poetry contest can be gotten HERE.

Change Your World Essay Contest 2012 (Nigeria): Deadline for application is now 20th August, 2012. Guidelines remain the same: word count: 1500 words. Prizes include a scholarship to attend Desplay Africa 2013 (a one-year democracy training) and much more. For more information, see the original Change Your World Essay Contest 2012 (Nigeria HERE.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Youth Ministerial Meeting: Would you like to join the five young delegates who will be presenting papers on five issues of societal interest in Nigeria? Then you still have a chance to apply. the deadline for submissions has been extended. New deadline is 20th August 2012. Successful applicants will be announced both on creativewritingnews.blogspot.com and on www.ugreenfoundation.org. More information on this call for papers for presentation at the Youth Ministerial Meeting can be found HERE

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