Escape Artists Podcast Is Accepting Fiction for Its Cast of Wonders Series / How to Apply ($100 + Publication)
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Escape Artists Podcast Is Accepting Fiction for Its Cast of Wonders Series / How to Apply ($100 + Publication)

The fantasy of imagination is one of the ways to escape from the realities of the world. These wild fantasies should be shared with the world. Or at least that is what Escape Artists Podcast is looking to accomplish through its Cast of Wonders series.

Escape Artists is looking to fill multiple gaps in their magazine. In this case, there are three gaps are PodCastle, Cast of Wonders and Escape Pod.

Cast of Wonders also publish in online and audio format but only young adult stories. Their submission window is open to stories that fit the 12-17 age range. This just means that they are after all sorts forms of stories that have a wide appeal. (They aren’t necessarily after stories that feature children or young adults but rather they are after stories of older people having their first experience).


Eligibility Guidelines For Escape Artists Podcast’s Cast of Wonders Submissions

  • They are looking for fantasy stories that mostly appeal to the imagination of the young. Young adult stories are the most likely to sell to them.
  • All forms of fantasy, horror or science fiction is accepted, just be original with things. Read wide to be able to come up with new story ideas.
  • Other genres are also accepted as long as it is in line with their core concept and it has that fantastic twist with it.
  • They are on the lookout for stories with up to 6000 words.
  • Reprints are also accepted.


How To Submit Stories To Escape Artists Podcast

  • The deadline for submission is the 30th of November 2022.
  • Submissions are to be anonymous, in other words, nothing identifying the writer of the story like a name or email should be in the manuscript. Anything other than this is automatically rejected.
  • When you have come up with your interesting story and you are sure of everything, you can submit via their official link. 


How Much Escape Artists Podcast Pays Its Writers

  • Payment is up to $0.08 per word for original work.
  • There is a flat rate of $100 for short fiction and $20 for Flash Fiction.




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