So you probably have unpublished translated works, and you’re looking for a platform to publish them. Well, look no further! Asymptote Journal is just the right fit for you if you have unpublished translated:
– Fiction
– Poetry
– Non-Fiction
– Drama
– Certain types of original English Language nonfiction, including literary and critical writing
– Visual art (including illustrators and photographers).
They also have a special feature called ‘Writers on Writers (WoW) which might just interest you.

What Is The Writers On Writers Feature (WoW) ?
As in all their other issues, Asymptote Journal welcomes essays (written passionately, playfully, and/or critically) about relatively unknown, deserving writers, whose works have not been granted the same critical or creative attention due to restrictions of language (e.g. lack of translations into a wider-reaching, dominant language) or history (e.g. postcolonial nations with limited literary attention, publishing options, or freedoms of expression). A WoW essay should be able to make readers—who previously had little knowledge of the author—excited to seek out new work.
If interested in this, you might want to turn in your submission as soon as possible. And your submission should not exceed more than 2,500 words.

For more information about the submission guidelines, please click here.

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