Joshua Sule – Why I Think The World Needs More Writers

Jul 26, 2017by Miriam David2

From the beginning of time, there has been an influx of knowledge passed on from one generation to the other. The beauty of nature coupled with the unarguable blessings of human existence carries within them so much that can be offered to the present generation and generations to come.

This bevy of knowledge, if untapped and unharnessed may become dormant and useless until there is an action that would lead to the reaction we all envisage; which is to make the world revolve around a box filled with unimaginable discoveries. We keep saying knowledge is power, but it is nothing more than potential power until it’s been put into sustainable use. We are encircled by immeasurable heights of knowledge, which will remain dormant if there isn’t a bold step to creatively permeate into this brook.

I will not define a writer as someone who writes, I beg to define a writer as someone who wishes to share from an inbuilt knowledge, a practical part of living that would impact this generation and those yet unborn.

The big question now is, are we all blessed with the ability to write? Yes, we are. However, it is only when you decide to pick up that pen and paper and put down something that will first impact you, will you then be on you are on your way to becoming that next rated writer the world may be waiting for.

Never tell yourself you cannot become a writer, great writers of today started with a phrase, a clause, perhaps a sentence. You can start with only a letter or a word. Just remember it takes only a pen and paper with the right frame of mind to become a writer.

The reality is this, as with other arts, writing is hard. It takes time to develop good writing skills and becoming a world-class writer. It involves practicing daily, reading the works of other writers and much hard work.

The life of a writer is quite solitary, both by design and necessity. It is possible to have a few friends sometimes or none at all. However, being a writer can be lonely and quiet.

Well-meaning as they are, your friends and family don’t understand the thin line between conflict and crisis as you would do. They might try hard, but they can’t relate to the consistent use that you have to create. It becomes challenging trying to compile your work into a book. You would need mentor-ship, guidance and a new set of friends.

But first, you may need to join a writing community where you can meet other writers and even more experienced ones you hope to become like.

Here’s the good news: Right this moment, writers just like you are actively participating in writing communities like, and Wattpad on the web. A writer improves by learning from a community.

The world needs more writers because writers are social change advocates. They are people who are constantly influencing society for good and changing the world order. For example, African global change leaders like Timi Olagunju (,-Africa-Can/ ) are writing about the unique talents Africa is creating — people who are showing to the world the great potential we have, and how these young leaders are solving problems in their communities.

The ability to describe the world in all its entirety using simple words, thus reaching out to people of all age, class and status is the prerogative of writers. The world therefore needs more of this kind.

Contributors : Joshua Sule and Nathaniel Okwoli. 

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