Chestnut Review is Open to Submissions From Writers and Artists / How to Submit (Pay: $120)
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Chestnut Review is Open to Submissions From Writers and Artists / How to Submit (Pay: $120)

Chestnut Review is a literary magazine that celebrates beautiful language, resonant images, and compelling narratives.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, you’ll find all the necessary information for submitting your work and understanding their submission guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines For Chestnut Review


  • They accept submissions quarterly, with specific reading periods for each issue.
  • All submissions must be made via Submittable; emailed submissions will not be considered.
  • They prioritize original, unpublished work that has not appeared in any publicly-accessible form previously.
  • Chestnut Review seeks poetry, flash fiction, prose, visual art, and photography.
  • They encourage simultaneous submissions, but please notify them immediately your work gets accepted elsewhere.
  • Mixed-genre and mixed-media pieces are welcomed and encouraged.
  • They do not accept submissions of AI-generated work.
  • Offensive or hateful content directed towards any gender, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual identity, socioeconomic class, or other status will not be considered.
  • Also, submissions from past or present staff members of Chestnut Review are not permitted.


Genre-Specific Guidelines




  • Submit up to six poems (three for free submissions).
  • Length and format are open.
  • Your poetry should be edited properly.
  • Poems should be single-spaced.
  • Begin each poem on a new page, and clearly indicate when a poem extends beyond one page.
  • There are no absolute length limits, but remember that the longer a poem, the better it has to be.
  • They prefer submissions that consist of more than one poem to get a feel for your poetic interests and voice.


Flash Fiction


  • Submit one piece of no more than 1000 words.
  • They do accept micros, and they publish both fiction and creative nonfiction.
  • Please only send one piece at a time regardless of length.




  • Submit one piece of between 1000 and 5000 words. In other words, it should be a short story.
  • Prose submissions can be works of fiction or nonfiction.
  • They do not accept excerpts of longer works.




  • They love mixed-genre and mixed-media pieces.
  • If you have work that doesn’t fit neatly into known categories, that doesn’t mean they won’t want to see it.
  • Choose the most appropriate and include a note—they’ll figure it out.


Visual art/photography


  • Submit images of up to 20 works.
  • Images must be of publishable quality.
  • They encourage, but do not require, illustrative titles to contextualize submitted media.
  • If you work in hybrid forms of image + text, please use this category to submit.


Eligibility Criteria


  • Writers and artists from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit.
  • All submitters must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Submissions must be in English, although works incorporating other languages are accepted if primarily in English.
  • There is no entry fee.


Author Rights


Chestnut Review purchases First North American Serial, First Anthology, and First Audio rights for accepted works.

After publication, they retain the right to archive your work on their open-access platforms.




Payment is US $120 per piece, delivered upon publication. Payments are issued exclusively via PayPal.


Publishing Schedule

They publish work quarterly, according to the following schedule:

  • Jan 1-March 31: reading for Summer Issue (July 15th release)
  • April 1-June 30: reading for Autumn Issue (October 15th release)
  • July 1-Sept 30: reading for Winter Issue (January 15th release)
  • Oct 1-Dec 31: reading for Spring Issue (April 15th release)



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