Bookhug Press: Good Mom on Paper Submission ($200 USD + Publication)

Nov 25, 2020by Chiamaka0

Are you a creative struggling with the process of art creation with the dawn of motherhood? Good Mom on Paper Submission is a great opportunity for you.

Bookhug Press is accepting submissions for a collection of essays (Good Mom on Paper) which should thoughtfully explore the beautiful, painful, fraught, and complicated relationship between motherhood and the creative process.

Mothers at all stages of their lives, career, and parenting who are interested in exploring other the positive and negative incarnations of motherhood and art creation are fine encouraged to apply.

Essays should revolve around but not limited to the following questions;

  • How does motherhood disrupt the creative process?
  • How does it enhance it?
  • Do children ultimately halt or expand our ability to produce art?
  • How does the creative world accommodate mothers, if at all?

Submission Deadline

December 15, 2020

Guidelines for Good Mom on Paper Submission

  • Essay pitches should be up to 500 words
  • It should be submitted to [email protected]
  • Finished pieces should be around 2,000 – 5,000 words

Editors for Good Mom on Paper Submission

Prizes for Good Mom on Paper Submission

  • Publication
  • Two copies of the finished book
  • $200 honorarium

You can also check out their website by clicking here

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Good Luck!

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