Aurelia Magazine Is Currently Accepting Pitches (Pay: £50 per accepted piece)
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Aurelia Magazine Is Currently Accepting Pitches (Pay: £50 per accepted piece)

Aurelia Magazine champions the incredibly important and powerful form of personal writing.

Aurelia Magazine is dedicated to uplifting the personal thoughts, feelings and experiences of marginalized genders, while nurturing a community that is welcoming, full of hope and encourages you to feel and express your feelings.

They are known to publish the work of marginalized genders, which includes women, non-binary people and trans men. Do you have literary pieces related to personal thoughts, feelings, or experiences? Aurelia Magazine is for you.

How To Pitch To Aurelia Magazine

  • Aurelia Magazine is a publication dedicated to personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. The things you think and the way you feel must be at the centre of your piece. All article submissions must be written in the first-person. For example; “I think, I feel, I want…”
  • They receive a lot of similar ideas. Please make sure you have gone through their website and searched for keywords pertaining to your pitch to ensure that they have not already published something too similar. 
  • Email your pitch to
  • Outline your themes, ideas and reason for writing the piece. Please make sure that it is Aurelia relevant. This means that your piece should properly portray how personal it is to you. 
  • Ensure your pitch is specific and precise. If accepted, you will be given a deadline for your first draft, a word count, and help in structuring and editing your piece.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself, make sure you include your name and location, along with a short introduction and any social media links for your potential author bio. Please include examples of your previous work, published or unpublished.
  • Please note that Aurelia Magazine is led by a small team, with the staff working voluntarily. If your pitch is accepted, you will hear from them within 10 days of submission. Before then, please exercise patience.

Pay Rate

They pay a flat rate of £50.

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