Mary Karr, the best-selling author who literally wrote the book on memoir (The Art of Memoir, Lit, The Liar’s Club) is teaching an exclusive, new class on memoir on the online learning platform Skillshare, launching Monday, Sept. 2.


The class, called Writing the Truth: How to Start Writing Your Memoir, joins Skillshare’s premium membership catalog—online classes that take you behind-the-scenes with today’s leading creatives. Over the past 12 months, Skillshare has launched classes with best-selling authors Roxane Gay, Lisa Ko, Hanif Abdurraqib, and more.


Mary’s new class is a must-watch for any writer who wants to do memoir. In every lesson, Mary breaks down excerpts from her own memoirs and those of her favorite writers word-by-word. You’ll dive deep into Mary’s approach to writing, including an exclusive look at the notebooks she’s currently using to plan her next memoir, the commonplace book she uses to keep track of writing she loves, and bookshelves stacked with her favorite memoirs from years of avid reading.


Mary shares with her students that their first priority in writing memoir should be to ensure they have enough distance from what they are writing before starting their story. “Writing is not therapy,” Karr says.”In writing, you are the mommy and the reader is the baby – and so you’ve got to be giving them something. It’s not about you and how you feel and self expression – that’s a diary” Before writing a memoir, writers must “Take care of themselves.”


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