Apply For The 2018 Morland Writing Scholarships —
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Apply For The 2018 Morland Writing Scholarships —

The Miles Morland Foundation has announced that the 2018 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers of prose will open for entries on Saturday 30thJune. The shortlist will be published in November and the winners announced in December 2018.

The scholarships are given to Africans to encourage writing and literary talent among Africans.
You are African if:
• Both your parents were born in Africa even if you yourself were not.
• You were not born in Africa and only one of your parents was born there you will qualify if you can show documentary proof that you are, at the time of application, a full-time resident of Africa (defined as having spent at least nine of the previous twelve months in Africa).

Rules And Guidelines
• You are expected to submit excerpts from your previously published work (between 2000-5000 words) as a complete Word document. Note that anything sent not in Word, will not be accepted. If you want to accompany the Word document with a scan of your book or the magazine in which you were published to establish the published status of your work that can be helpful. It must have appeared in a printed book, journal or magazine that has been offered for sale. Publication in a book, magazine or blog that is free and not offered for sale is not eligible. Please note that an excerpt from an airline, college, association, or similar free magazine is not acceptable. Being published on Kindle is acceptable; it is the only online medium that is. Other forms of online appearance are not acceptable.
• You should also provide sufficient detail of where the published work has appeared for verification .
• Any unpublished work will not qualify for the scholarship no matter how awesome the writing is.
• If you qualify because both of your parents were born in Africa, please attach evidence of this (preferably the information page of their passports).
• If you qualify because you were not born in Africa but only one of your parents was, then you will have to show easily verified evidence that you have lived in Africa for at least nine of the past twelve months.
• If both of your parents were born in Africa the residence requirement is waived.
• Please do not send more than one submission.
• All submissions should be directed to:
• Please do not submit anything in hard copy or by terrestrial post.
• An email will be sent to unsuccessful candidates, thanking them for their submission and informing them of the judges’ decision.
• Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in November and asked to supply them with further information regarding their personal circumstances as well as their writing plans.
• You will be expected to submit a proposal of up to 1,000 words of the work you intend to write during your scholarship year. The judges give close scrutiny to these proposals.
• You can only submit finished works. The scholarship is intended to enable you to write a completely new work, not to finish a work in progress. A “new work” is one which you have not yet begun writing.
• Submit a biography of 200 – 300 words something about yourself and your background.
Deadline for submissions:
Sunday 30th September, 2018.

We wish all interested applicants good luck!

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