Yajayo Kenyan Speculative Fiction Anthology Submission (Payment: KES 2 per word)
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Yajayo Kenyan Speculative Fiction Anthology Submission (Payment: KES 2 per word)

Makena Onjerika is calling on Kenyan Writers to submit for a Speculative Fiction Anthology.

Makena writes, “Dear Submitter, Thank you for considering submitting to Yajayo, a Kenyan speculative fiction anthology. Although I am best known as a realist/literary fiction writer, I began my literary career as a fantasist and have published short fiction in Fireside Quarterly, The Deadlands, Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology to the Most (Fictional) Haunted Buildings in the Weird, Wild World (2021 edition), The Year’s Best in African Speculative Fiction (2021) and was nominated for the NOMMO short story award in 2022. 
I want to see more Kenyan speculative fiction in the world. I believe that anthologizing our speculative work is a good place to start.
THEME: Yajayo, as the name suggests, is focused on the future. So what is your vision of Kenya’s future?”


Yajayo Kenyan Speculative Fiction Anthology Submission

  1. Submissions will only be accepted from Kenyan citizens, and you will need to provide proof of citizenship if your work is accepted.
  2. Your story must be recognizably about Kenya and Kenyans
  3. All entrants must be age 18 years and above as of January 20th 2024.
  4. All submissions must be in English although they may include other languages.
  5. All submissions must be written for adults and not for children only

Guidelines for the Yajayo Kenyan Speculative Fiction Anthology Submission 

  1. Submission is taken as an acceptance of these submission rules.
  2. All entries must be made through this online form.
  3. Your short story should be 2000-5000 words long (including the title, your name, and contact details). Shorter or longer manuscripts may be accepted but only if they are exceedingly impressive. Read these tips by renowned writer T.J Benson to learn how to write a short story.
  4. Speculative fiction should be interpreted to cover science fiction, fantasy, magical/surreal fiction, folklore and others.
  5. Strictly format your manuscript as per the Shunn Modern manuscript format. Copy this link to learn more: https://www.shunn.net/format/story/. Strictly use 12-point font.
  6. Submit your manuscript in Word format. PDFs will not be accepted.
  7. Make sure to label your word document as follows: Your name_Yajayo 2024 submission
  8. Do not use ALL CAPITALS anywhere in your work. Use Sentence case for your writing and Capitalize Every Other Word for titles.
  9. All entries selected for the anthology cannot have been previously published elsewhere. Simultaneous submissions are welcome as long as you notify me immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere and withdraw it.
  10. Stories selected for the anthology will undergo editing, copywriting, and proof reading as necessary. You will be consulted about all editing work done on your manuscript. However, you should ensure your work is properly edited before to stand a chance of being accepted.
  11. Only submit work that is significantly developed and complete. Early drafts will not be accepted.
Extra Guidelines
  1. Worldwide copyright will remain with the writer. She only ask for 12 months exclusive publishing rights for the anthology from the date of publication, after which your story may be reprinted anywhere as long as other publishers always indicate that the story was first published in Yajayo: anthology of Kenyan speculative fiction (2024). Once the 12 months lapse, Yajayo will hold non-exclusive publishing rights to your story indefinitely. Snippets of stories published in the anthology will be used for promotional purposes online.
  2. Writers whose work appears in the anthology will be expected to take part in publicity activities, including online
  3. Only submit work that is exclusively your own work. Plagiarism is not acceptable


Yajayo: anthology of Kenyan speculative fiction (2024) will be published on or before April 30th 2024. It will contain 15-20 short stories. Makena will pay KES 2 per word up to a maximum of KES 10000 for each published story. This is the only payment she will make to contributors of the anthology. Payments will be made within 30 days of publication.


Submit your short story between October 18th and January 20th 2024 (11:59pm, Kenyan time). Stories submitted after the entry date will not be accepted. 

Good luck.

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