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Writing a Romance Novel?

Happily Ever After by Christina Cole
Thank you Christina Cole for these insightful tips on what to consider when writing a romance story.

On Writing Romance Fiction By Christina Cole

Romances are a “genre of fiction”, which means there are specific conventions about how they’re written. Readers — and editors — expect certain things as far as the story structure and development. Essentially, a romance novel centers on a main character (usually female) who is attempting to achieve a specific goal in order to resolve a problem. While pursuing this goal, the character encounters a love interest who complicates the situation. As the story progresses, the main character faces obstacles to the goal. One of two things happens:
(a) Despite opposition, the character knows she/he is doing the right thing and refuses to give up or change. In the end the character is rewarded for her/his steadfast nature.
(b) As the story progresses, the character realizes she/he has been wrong and makes whatever changes are necessary to do the right thing. In the end the character has learned an important lesson and is rewarded for it.
OK, so how does this all relate to your main character and to the story you’re telling? In your first three chapters, the editor should be able to get a clear picture of who your main character is, what she’s trying to do, or why she’s trying to do it.
When I pick up a romance novel and begin to read, the first things I need to know as a reader are these:
What are the main character’s dominant traits?
What goal is the main character trying to achieve?
How does the main character plan to achieve this goal?
What will happen if the main character fails to achieve the goal?
Is the character doing the right thing?
Or is it obvious that the character is on the wrong track?
What is the motivation behind this goal?
What obstacles is the character encountering? 
Thank you for sharing Judith.
Christina Cole’s latest release, Happily  Ever After, from Sweet Cravings Publishing  is a must read, available for purchase on amazon. Click BUY to get a copy. She’s also working on a new novel titled Summertime. I’ve been privileged to read a few chapters and i can’t wait for the novel to be published.

She is married, lives in the midwest, loves history, hates winter, and is happily at work on her next historical romance.

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