Writer And Popular On Air Personality #TosynBucknor Dies At 37

I can’t remember the last time I felt so sad. I still remember the moment I read of her passing on Facebook. I inhaled and whispered, Oh my God. I felt like someone had hit me in the gut and knocked the wind out of me.

You see, Tosyn Bucknor was one of my earliest writing inspirations. I remember looking forward to her lively column in the Guardian Life newszine, I remember compulsively rereading her articles and even pasting some of them in my journal. I wanted to write like her, when I ‘grew up’. I introduced my brothers to her work too. We never met, but she changed my life forever.

For someone so young, Tosyn lived a full life. She lived passionately purposefully. She lived as though she know her time here was short. In a video Chude Jideonwo released, Tosyn Bucknor said,

 In the end, who are you living your life for – because when you die, you’re truly going to be by yourself.

Touché, Tosyn. You lived an exemplary life.

You’re probably wondering, how exactly did Popular Nigerian OAP, Tosyn Bucknor die?

The cause of her death is not known yet. She often wrote about her experience as a carrier of the sickle cell disease, but no one knows if the disease was the cause of her death.

What CWN knows is that on the 19th of November, 2018, she was found dead by her husband of 3 years, Aurelien Boyer when he arrived at home from work.

Rest In Peace Tosyn Bucknor. You’ll always live in our hearts. Want to see more of Tosyn Bucknor singing, talking and dancing? Use the hashtag #TosynBucknor on Twitter and possibly instagram.

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