Announcing the launch of Ubwali Literary Magazine
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Announcing the launch of Ubwali Literary Magazine


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Announcing Ubwali Literary Magazine––a literary magazine from Zambia. The inaugural issue, launched on on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, with featured work from:

  • Cornelius Mwanza,
  • Emily Pensulo,
  • Gerry Sikazwe,
  • Jacob Mhango,
  • Mali Kambandu,
  • Mukandi Siame,
  • Namukolo Siyumbwa,
  • Suwilanji Namusamba
  • and Theresa Sylvester. 

“Zambian storytelling, like our cooking, is very straightforward: each dish has a list of trusted ingredients, and the method of preparation is tried and tested. Ubwali, our staple, is cooked over high heat with just two ingredients––mealie meal and water, one pot, one cooking stick and a little bit of patience. Our food and stories are just as elegant, polished, and confident.”

Ubwali Literary Magazine publishes stories, essays and poetry that are as sure as this Zambian favourite: stories you can come to many times over and leave satiated yet knowing you will return. They publish poems that feel like an old friend telling a new yet familiar story. They have essays that know where the perfect full stop is, how to leave you wondering what happened next, searching for this author’s new words. Their photographs capture the elegance of Zambia and the depths of her flavours.

Ubwali is an Associate Member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses

To be up to date about their call for submission, connect with them on their social media page.

Inaugural Issue Cover


Ubwali Literary Magazine Inagural Issue Cover

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