Translunar Travelers Lounge is Accepting Submissions (Payment: $0.03 / Word)
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Translunar Travelers Lounge is Accepting Submissions (Payment: $0.03 / Word)

Translunar Travelers Lounge is Currently Accepting Flash Fictions Submissions in Fantasy, Science Fiction or generally Speculative Fiction. 

Translunar Travelers Lounge is a speculative flash fiction magazine that wants fun speculative fiction; stories that must have elements of science fiction or fantasy. You should ensure to write a proper flash fiction that meets all the speculative fiction characteristics. They are usually open annually for submissions from March 15th through April 15th for their August issue, and from September 15th through October 15th for their February issue.

Submissions Guidelines for Translunar Travelers Lounge

The first week of submissions (March 15-21 and Sept 15-21) is reserved for writers of color. The remainder of the window will be for general submissions. If you’re a writer of color who submits during that first week and you hear back from them before the general window closes, you’re welcome to send a second submission during that time.

  • They accept a maximum 5,000 words.
  • Your story must contain speculative elements: that means science fiction or fantasy.
  • They do not accept nonfiction.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Only one submission per writer per open period.
  • Save your manuscript as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf and email it as an attachment to
  • Format with a readable 12-point font (they like Times New Roman and Courier just fine but they are not unreasonably picky). Italicize your italics and please double-space. 
  • You’re welcome to include a cover letter, but try to avoid summarizing your story. To learn how to write a proper cover letter for your submission Vist Here
  • Ensure your writing is speculative. 

Translunar Travelers Lounge Submissions

  • Translunar Travelers Lounge is co-edited by Ms. Aimee Ogden and Mx. Bennett North. Feel free to just address your email to “Dear Editors,” but if you decide to use their names, they would appreciate if you mention both of them, since this magazine is a joint effort.
  • You will receive a response no later than two months after the submission period closes, and often much sooner. If you haven’t heard from them, please query ASAP at the above address, using the email header QUERY: Story Title by Author Name.


They pay $0.03 per word with a minimum of $20 in exchange for first world electronic rights in English. 


It is open from March 15th, 2023 until April 15th, 2023.


To check out their past submissions and FAQs, visit their website

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