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Every writer needs the peace and quiet and comfort of a wonderful work space. If you’ve been yearning for one, then you want to consider sending an application to the Thread Residency Program in Senegal.

Thread accepts applications from artists and writers of any medium or style. Duration of residency is at least 4 weeks/ The specific duration will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Only two artistswill be admitted at a time.

Thread covers the following expenses for all resident artists:
–    Food and Board
–    All travel within Senegal (from arrival to departure).
–    A modest materials budget (further funding can be discussed with the Director)

Travel to Senegal can be arranged with the help of Thread’s team. Whether this means our sponsorship of travel grants, or other third-party funding.”

According to the press release,”Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. , the first available residencies begin in February, 2016…the residency should be available to artists of any medium… People often assume that all artists coming to Thread will have a highly specific project in mind that involves the community there. This is not the case. The residency is a sponsorship of artists to spend time in Sinthian, not to create a certain kind of project or have a certain kind of impact.”

How To Apply


Send the following in your application:
•Approximately 10 images (or 3 videos) of your work, including most recent work. (For Artists)

Writers ought to send a substantial number of pages of their work. including their most recent work.
•A writing resume
•Artist’s personal statement
•Statement of Intention (your plans for potential projects or pieces, objectives during the residency, and/or expectations for your relationship to the Sinthian community while there)
•Desired dates for residency
•Two references, and/or statement on relevant previous endeavors
•Link to website, if applicable



All applications and questions should be submitted to Thread’s director, Nick Murphy, at

For more information, go to the Thread’s Website.


Good luck to all those who apply/

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