Romance on the Road Travel Writing Competition/ How to Apply (Prize: $200 + Publication)

Romance on the Road Travel Writing Competition is now open 

Travel is full of romance and romantic ideals, and this is why Romance on the Road writing competition encourages this genre.

Whether that’s a new relationship with a fellow traveler, a deep connection with a sublime landscape, or even the discovery of self and the self-love that follows.  

Romance leads us into unexplored territory, both internal and external. We may stumble into a journey we wouldn’t have taken otherwise because the possibility of love exists. 

Eligibility for Romance On the Road Travel Writing Competition.

  •  Intrepid Times is inviting travelers and writers from all countries, at all levels of writing experience, to explore this idea.
  • There is no entry fee 




  • One winner and up to three runners-up will be selected to have their work published on Intrepid Times.
  • The winner will be paid a cash-prize of US $200, and the runners-up will receive our standard fee.

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