The Writing Room/ How To Register (Free MasterClass + Certificates)
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The Writing Room/ How To Register (Free MasterClass + Certificates)

THE WRITING ROOM is an online learning platform offering free masterclass videos on fiction writing.

You can learn essential creative writing skills from the best practitioners of the craft by taking the free masterclasses organized by the writing room. You also have access to a library of resources on writing tips and publishing opportunities.

The Writing Room currently offer five courses on the basics of fiction writing taught by instructors with decades of experience in writing, editing, and publishing best-selling, award-winning works.

At the completion of all five courses, you will receive a certificate marking your achievement.

The launch event will feature Booker Prize winning author Ben Okri, as well as The Writing Room instructors: Chimeka Garricks (Character Development), Eghosa Imasuen (Setting), Zukiswa Wanner (Plot), Ellah Wakatama (Language and Style), and Molara Wood (Theme).

The project was designed and built from ground up, with every writer in mind. The courses are tailored to the specific storytelling needs of African writers in the early stages of their literary journey.

The organizers are calling for writers in Africa to join them on July 20 @ 1pm WAT | 2pm SAST to celebrate your passion for writing and your bravery on embarking on the writing journey.

REGISTER for the event here:

If you are interested in building your creative writing skills or know someone with a passion for writing, this event is for you!

The Writing Room

The instructors for the Writing Room

Ellah Wakatama OBE, (Hon) FRSL, is the instructor on Language and Style. She is the chair of the AKO Caine Prize for African writing.

Zukiswa Wanner, the instructor on Plot, is the author of nine books in addition to curating literary events and running an indie press.

Chimeka Garricks, the instructor on Character Development, is a Nigerian-Irish writer and has published award-winning and bestselling works of fiction.

Molara Wood is the instructor on Themes. She is a Lagos-based journalist, editor, and the author of Indigo, a collection of short stories.

Eghosa Imasuen, the instructor on Setting, is a Nigerian novelist and the co-founder of Narrative Landscape Press Limited, a publishing company based in Lagos.

The Writing Room is supported by a generous grant awarded by African No Filter.


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