The Village Square Journal is Here!!!

Hey People! Something big is here and I can’t keep still! The Village Square Journal has just been launched!

What’s that, you ask? Well, The Village Square Journal is an online journal that is interested in the promotion and appreciation of all forms of visual arts, contemporary literature and politics. It promises to publish works from the finest selection of literary artists across the globe. This includes poetry, non-fiction, opinion pieces, fiction, interviews and much more. While there are so many articles on the website to choose from, you can start from Jayne Bauling’s “Ancient Words”  which takes you on a time travel. Helon Habila’s essay on The Separation Wall is a poignant and titillating piece you would be glad you read. Then there is a very informative opinion piece from Trish Nicholson on the history of famous women from the Stone Age to the 20thcentury that cuts across Northern Nigeria, Scotland, Egypt, Ethiopia, and India which you can read here.

Poetry lovers are not left out too!  The poetry tab will lead you to Toni Stuart’s powerful poem titled The Revolution Is A Woman which addresses the strength of women. Also, Richard Inya’s Scattered Longings  talks about migration and immigrants.

This cool website also has enlightening must-read interviews, which I would leave you to explore by yourselves. And what is a village square without a good old fashioned food fight? The Cameroon vs Nigeria Jollof War would leave you in stitches.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out now.

Plus, they are also accepting submissions from writers, photographers and illustrators. You are welcome. *winks*

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