So you think you can write essays; and you’re an African youth between the ages of 18 – 35 and you live anywhere in Africa? Then, you can win the $1,000 cash prize in ‘The Uzoigwe Elechi Humanity Project’.

The organizers, Ugreen Foundation, seeks to annually reward excellence in the issues of entrepreneurship, security, religion, leadership, democracy/governance and environment; issues paramount to Africa’s growth and economic development. 
The inaugural edition of the project will focus on Entrepreneurship as its theme. Entrants can start submitting essays which address the issue of Entrepreneurship in Africa. Entries are to be typed in MS Word and emailed to: [email protected]

Essay must not be more than 2000 words, and not less than 1500 words long.

Entries will run from July 2nd – 6pm, August 2nd 2013.
Awards include the following:  
1. $1,000.
2. All expenses paid trip to Abakaliki, a peaceful, serene, agricultural and limestone rich city in Southern Nigeria (from any country in Africa).
3. An interactive session with 50 intelligent Nigerian youths to encourage intercultural dialogue.
4. A dinner party in honour of the winner – presentation of the prize money, certificate and plaque.
Essays must be the original work of the entrant and must be unpublished anywhere prior to submission, either in part, excerpt or in full. Essays to include a cover page, bearing the entrants name, email address, phone contacts, physical address, age, sex, country of origin, country of residence and passport number (if any).

 Essayists can write addressing the following issues :

‘The economy of the world is driven by entrepreneurs, and Africa has a lot to learn by tapping into the potentials inherent in entrepreneurship to ensure profound economic and infrastructural development, but in the past, there has been a continuous decline in the efforts of governments and organizations in directing the minds of their youths and populace towards entrepreneurship development, as a young entrepreneur, what factors do you think mitigate against the economic development of your country? How does these factors transcend to other African countries? And what measures can the government adopt to encourage economic and infrastructural development through entrepreneurship? What can you do or is presently doing to contribute towards Africa’s emergence as the leading economic power in the world?’

Entrants must show an evidence of originating from an African country as soon as announced as one of the shortlists. Winner must also be willing to travel to Abakaliki, the capital city of Ebonyi State, Nigeria if invited to do so. (The organizers reserve the right not to invite the winner in any given year, but may decide to wire the prize money to the winner’s account wherever he is in the world).
All inquiries as regards the Uzoigwe Elechi Humanity Project to be directed to ‘The Project Officer, Ugreen Foundation Nigeria’ email: [email protected]

Entry rules and guidelines can be found HERE.

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