History News Network Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $300)

Feb 20, 2024by Kelechi Okoro0

History News Network (HNN) has transitioned to a new editorial model focused on its weekly email newsletter.

They seek original pieces that connect current events with the past and offer insights to readers. Before submitting, you can explore their archive of thousands of original op-eds and curated stories from around the web. They want to know more about the past, now.

With support from the University of Richmond History News Network History News Network puts current events into historical perspective. If you are a writer with insights to offer along these lines, they would love to hear from you.


Submission Guidelines History News Network

HNN accepts pitches for short-form essays and conversations exploring historical perspectives on contemporary issues.

Pieces typically range from 1,000 to 1,500 words.

They do not accept pitches lacking thorough grounding in historical topics or those not aligned with the specified categories.

They accept both pitches and completed works, though they have a strong preference for the former, and will never publish anything that hasn’t gone through their editing process.

Pitches should include 1-2 paragraphs that summarize the piece’s main argument and why you think it will matter to our readers.

Please explain why you are the right person to write this piece, along with links to anything else you’ve written for non-academic audiences.

Pitches should be emailed to [email protected].

Their responses are typically provided within 2-3 weeks.


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What They Want

HNN welcomes pitches for pieces falling into these categories:

1. Reflections on the connections between current and past events.

2. Explainers by historians about their sources/methods/analysis that give non-specialists a better understanding about how historical “knowledge” is created.

3. Historiographical essays that illuminate, in accessible and engaging language, the various ways that historians have understood and written about a given topic.

4. Reconsiderations that address major works and their impact on scholarly and/or public understanding of the past.


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Eligibility Criteria

HNN welcomes pitches from credentialed historians, scholars from other fields, and individuals outside academia with expertise in historical topics.

There is no reading fee.

Author Rights

Authors whose pitches are accepted will collaborate with editors for refinement. However, authors will still retain copyright over their work.


There is no specified deadline for pitches. Nevertheless, submissions are ongoing.


Authors receive $300 for accepted pitches upon completion of their pieces.

For additional information, visit the HNN website or their social media page.

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