Non Profit Quarterly Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $300)
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Non Profit Quarterly Magazine Is Accepting Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $300)

Non Profit Quarterly (NPQ) is a prominent US-based magazine dedicated to exploring and promoting discourse within the nonprofit sector.

In response to the increasing momentum of workers’ organizing efforts across various industries, NPQ has initiated a new column titled “We Stood Up.” This column aims to amplify the voices of individuals actively engaged in the pursuit of economic justice within their workplaces.

Submission Guidelines For Non Profit Quarterly Magazine 

  • Writers are encouraged to make essay submissions that are approximately 500 words in length.
  • Submissions should address one or more of the provided questions, delving into personal experiences and insights.
  • NPQ operates on a rolling submission basis, welcoming contributions continuously.
  • They don’t want submissions that stray from the central theme of economic justice or workplace organizing.
  • They also don’t want contributions exceeding the suggested word count without prior consultation.
  • Previously published works are unacceptable.
  • Prospective contributors should email their submissions to, clearly indicating “We Stood Up Submission” in the subject line.
  • Pitches should succinctly outline the proposed topic and its relevance to the overarching theme of economic justice in the workplace.

What They Want

  • NPQ seeks authentic narratives and reflections from workers who have participated in organizing efforts for economic justice.
  • The column aims to showcase diverse perspectives on building democratic economies and fostering fairer workplace environments.
  • Submissions should highlight challenges encountered, strategies employed, and successes achieved in the pursuit of economic justice.


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Eligibility Criteria

  • Submissions are open to individuals who have firsthand experiences in organizing workplaces for economic justice.
  • Contributors must adhere to the submission guidelines stipulated by NPQ.
  • There is no entry fee.

Author Rights

Authors retain full ownership rights to their submissions. However, they reserve the right to perform necessary edits for clarity and coherence, with the mutual understanding of the author.


Non Profit Quarterly Magazine offers a compensation of $300 for accepted contributions. Payment is disbursed upon acceptance of the submission by their editorial team.

For further inquiries or clarifications, individuals are encouraged to reach out to them through their official website or via email at

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