Help Fund An Unfathomable Art Book Of Illustrations

Make a pledge to the literary world of art by contributing to the funding of Wayne Danting-Langdale’s art book of illustrations titled – Unfathomable.

The art book is a combination of artwork (drawings, sketches, and paintings) and short writings, all about the characters Eagan has met and the experiences he has come across. This is NOT a novel but snippets, notes, short stories, some even paragraphs of information from the character Eagan D. Wynningdale, a traveling artist and researcher. It is heavy in Viking/fantasy/steampunk themes. The project is aiming for £2,500 to be funded, it is in all or nothing campaign which means if  Wayne does not reach that target within 30 days,  the project will not be funded and none of the money is taken from the backers of this project.

With the success of this project, you will have helped Wayne leap into what he loves doing, making it actually possible to do what he loves for a living. If you are not in the position to support the project kindly share it with as many people as you can.

Support Wayne Danting Langdale’s dream of publishing his first art book by backing this Kick Starter project and you could be rewarded. Find out more HERE.


About The Author:

Wayne Danting-Langdale has been illustrating since 2014 and has moved around within the discipline trying to discover what he loves the most about illustration. His first steps into illustration was creating a book for his wife. I have always been a happy sketcher and after playing with many materials throughout my education I finally taught myself how to use watercolor and ink in 2014 and it quickly became my specialism. He has always been a happy sketcher and after playing with many materials throughout his education, He finally taught himself how to use watercolor and ink in 2014 and this quickly became his specialism.

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