The Mike Resnick Memorial Award/ How To Submit (Prize: $350)

The Mike Resnick Memorial Award seeks new science fiction short story by a new author.

The story must not have previously been released to the public via any means, including online, digital, or paper publications, or privately through such avenues as newsletters, Patreon and the like.


Eligibility for The Mike Resnick Memorial Award

  • This award is exclusively for science fiction stories, not any other form of speculative genres (including fantasy and horror) and Arc Manor (the publisher of Galaxy’s Edge magazine) will be the final decider of this criteria in case of any disputes.
  • Submissions are open to everyone.
  • There is no registration or submission fee 

The Mike Resnick Memorial Award 2022

Submission Guidelines 

1. All submissions must be made electronically as an MS Word document or an RTF (Rich Text Format) document.

2. The manuscript should be formatted with size 12 text, black Times New Roman font, lines double spaced. Pages need to be numbered and each page should also have the story title (this information can be included as a header or a footer).

3. The first page of the submitted story must contain ONLY the following information.:

a) The title of the story.
b) The name of the author.
c) The approximate word count of the story.
d) Contact information for the author. Ideally this should include an email address, a phone number and a physical address.
e) A short statement that the author has read the eligibility requirements for the award and is in compliance with the requirements.

Please do NOT include your name or contact information on any other page, other than the first page described above (this includes putting it in as a header or a footer). The judging process requires the judges to review the story anonymously and anything that identifies the author other than on the first page will make this difficult. The first page with identifying information will be stripped from the MS and replaced with an identifying code before it is given to the final judges.

3. Submissions should be entered through our Moksha portal. 
4. Only one submission per entrant is allowed for the current submission year.

5. The winner of the Resnick Award in any previous year is not eligible to enter the competition again.

6. You may submit a new story to the current year’s award, even if you submitted in previous years. However, if you win the previous year’s award you will automatically become ineligible (your submission may have been entered before the winner is announced). You may not resubmit the same story as you submitted in any previous year; it needs to be a new story.

Submission Dates: Stories may be submitted between June 1, 2021 and April 15, 2022 for consideration for the 2022 Dragon Awards.


First Place Prize: The first place winner will get a trophy, a cash award of $250.00 and have their story bought (at the magazine’s prevailing rate) by Galaxy’s Edge for publication in the magazine.

Runner-up Prizes: The second place winner will be given a prize of $100 and the third place winner a prize of $50.

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